I am currently finishing up a  post-doctoral fellowship at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.  I recently completed my PhD from the University of Calgary with my dissertation “Constructing and Tabulating Global Function Fields”.

My research focuses on problems in computational and algebraic number theory, and their applications. I am particularly interested in efficient algorithms to compute invariants of global fields, and conversely to construct fields with particular invariants.

In addition to research, I am committed to striving for excellence in teaching having worked not only as a teaching assistant, but also as a lecturer, workshop instructor, teaching assistant mentor and undergraduate research co-supervisor. In addition, I have organized several conferences, worked with various department committees, and developed new student training programs.

Outside of academic life, I enjoy hiking in the nearby mountains, skip our mixed curling team in the winters and try to get out snowboarding whenever possible.   I regularly train and run in distance races and generally enjoy a good challenge.


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